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Crocodile Luxe: Portable Backgammon Set with Resin Accents

Introducing our "Crocodile Luxe" backgammon game, a blend of sophistication and portability. Crafted from leather with striking crocodile patterns, it's a stylish accessory for game enthusiasts. The set features a convenient handle for easy transport and durable resin components. Elevate your gaming experience with this exquisite backgammon set that effortlessly combines elegance with practicality.
SKU: 9478

The components of backgammon

A Backgammon Board: The board consists of 24 narrow triangles called points or pips, grouped into four quadrants of six points each. The quadrants are referred to as the player's home board and outer board, as well as the opponent's home board and outer board.


Checkers: Backgammon is played with a set of 15 checkers for each player, usually in two different colors. These checkers are typically cylindrical in shape and are used to move around the board.


Dice: Backgammon requires two six-sided dice for gameplay. The dice are used to determine the movement of the checkers around the board.


Doubling Cube (Optional): In some variations of backgammon, a doubling cube is used to keep track of the stakes of the game and the current level of doubling. The cube has the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 engraved on its faces.


Dice Cups (Optional): Players may use dice cups to shake and roll the dice in order to prevent manipulation of the rolls.