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Ways to Choose the Right Box for Storage

Discover the art of choosing the perfect storage box for your needs. From size considerations to material choices, this guide ensures your belongings stay organized effortlessly.

When it comes to packing a storage unit, it's not just about fitting everything into a defined space. Picking the right boxes is crucial for organization and keeping your belongings safe. Boxes vary in size and material, each serving a specific purpose. While it might be tempting to toss everything into the biggest box, making wise selections is worth the effort.


Understanding Box Types


Traditional Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

These are the go-to for many situations due to being inexpensive, light, and easy to pack, stack, and label. However, for long-term storage in non-climate-controlled spaces like a garage, cardboard is susceptible to damage from heat, humidity, bugs, and rodents.


Plastic Bins

Plastic Bins

Ideal for storage, these are stackable and provide better protection against moisture and heat. They are self-sealable, eliminating the need for packing tape. Although pricier than cardboard, their durability makes them a cost-effective choice for long-term storage.


Specialty Boxes

Specialty Boxes

Specifically designed for fragile or valuable items, these boxes offer added security and convenience. They come in both cardboard and plastic varieties, with inserts to prevent items from shifting.


Considering Box Sizes


Small Boxes


Perfect for small, heavy items like books or fragile items like dishes. Safely holds up to 60 pounds.


Medium Boxes


Ideal for larger items like clothing, pots and pans, and toys. Can be safely packed up to about 65 pounds.


Large Boxes


Suitable for linens, blankets, lamps, and small kitchen appliances. Despite their size, they have a weight capacity similar to medium boxes, around 65 pounds.


Extra-Large Boxes


Great for bulkier items like pillows, comforters, winter coats, and larger kitchen appliances. Can carry up to about 70 pounds.


Wardrobe Boxes


Specifically designed for clothing, with a hanging bar. Available in small, medium, and large sizes.


General Storage Box Tips


Quality Matters


Ensure boxes are high quality with no cracks, tears, or pre-existing water damage.


Stack Wisely


Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier ones, avoiding stacking all the way to the ceiling. Clearly label boxes to avoid placing heavy items on top of fragile ones.


Don't Forget to Label


Regardless of box type, label them to easily locate items during unpacking.


Fill in the Gaps


Prevent shifting by filling gaps between stacked boxes with extra packing material, towels, or linens.


When choosing boxes for storage, prioritize safety to maintain the condition of your items. Consider the storage facility conditions and the duration of storage. For moving boxes, check out our Box Center for assistance.




Choosing the right storage box is more than just a practical decision; it's a step towards a more organized and stress-free life. By understanding your storage needs, considering size, materials, and accessibility, you can transform your space into a well-ordered haven for your belongings.

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